Welcome to Alrajhi Industry

Alrajhi Cement products factories are considered part of Alrajhi Industry & Trade Co group which produce 2 million square meter of various flagstones, 400,000 square meter of various Interlocks pavements flagstones, 21 million various pieces of stony block and 40,000 longitudinal meter from al-broaredrt which contribute in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Considering the increasing request on the cement products for the infrastructure in the kingdom, the started factories carried out the commercial production and the marketing in all kingdom directions.

In the present time, ALRAJHI FACTORIES are considered from the poineer and the sole factories in pro ducting the single layer tiles in the Kingdom , besides the good qualities from the cement products by all customer classes and the techno crafts testimony.

And allowing for our customer confidence, we decide to continue producing excellent qualities and the development and the variation continuity to the next year.